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Turn female customers into your sales force

January 1st, 2010


Women love to introduce their friends to new products and services they love.

When Erin Nichols wanted to get back in shape after having baby she worked with Garret Garrels, a personal trainer in Montana. She had so much fun learning boxing from Garrels, she asked a friend to join her. And that friend asked a friend and so a business was launched…Pink Gloves Boxing . Garrels and his partner, Nick Milodragovich, are now franchising the Pink Gloves concept to personal trainers around the world.

Read or listen to more on this NPR link.

Now what do women love about your brand and how can you engage them to introduce their friends?

Photo Courtesy of Jacquie Peterson

Women hate put downs…instead pull everyone up

September 12th, 2009
The Dove Campaing for Real Beauty

The Dove Campaing for Real Beauty

Men bond by bantering, teasing and using derogatory nicknames. Women don’t and never will.

While a man will joke with his male friend about the tire that has appeared around his friend’s waist, can you imagine a woman greeting a girlfriend with, “Wow, you’ve really been enjoying those cookouts this summer?”

A woman’s life is much easier when there are no scraped elbows orbruised egos. We want everybody to feel good about themselves.  The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty is an excellent example of advertising that works with women.

This seems to be the unwritten rule for Y: Men who know each other well and respect each other immensely, banter in order to bond.

But no matter how well a salesman knows and respects a female client or prospect, calling her a cutesy name (e.g., “Blondie”) will usually backfire. Similarly, this is part of the guy’s club that the gals should not try to join. A woman that attempts to bond by one-upping a man or giving him an endearing-derogatory name will break unspoken rules and lose his respect instead of gaining trust.

Sales opportunity #1: Make women’s lives easier

August 13th, 2009
Does this look like fun?
Does this look like fun?

Women spend over 70 percent of consumer dollars worldwide but only 5% of women actually like to shop, according to the largest global survey of women released today in Harvard Business Review.

The survey clearly shows women are the chief buying officers for their homes and businesses. In a rebounding economy it’s a huge opportunity for your business to increase market share by making shopping and purchasing a better experience for women.  Clearly you need to better understand how 70% of your buyers think. Women across the world overwhelmingly described themselves as over-extended, over-worked and overstressed. How can your product or service make her life just a little bit easier? That is your value proposition. Remember:

 Maximize her time – Never make a women wait with nothing to do. A woman feels efficient if she is multitasking and can simultaneously cross off many things on her “to do” list in one stop. Install Wifi, provide other products or services that she already needs, or provide compelling information that she needs to take care of her business, family or home while she waits.

Minimize her hassles-  Women are less interested in the details of how your electronic gadget works–she wants assurance that it will work when she needs it.  Provide easy installation… she doesn’t have a whole afternoon to set up the TV, DVD, home stereo system. Then guarantee that you’ll fix it when it breaks.

Mother’s Day promo connects to moms

May 10th, 2009

happy-mothers-dayMy only mother’s day card that arrived in snail mail was this postcard from Heather Dubuque, owner of the Lillian Nanny Agency. A personalized, handwritten note (when is the last time you received a handwritten note?) was on the back rewarding me with a complimentary manicure and pedicure for any referral.  Kudos to Heather for reaching out to her former clients to wish a Happy Mother’s Day, keep her agency top of mind, and incenting us to refer new business.