Manter v. 1. men bantering

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Beer ads feature male bantering

Beer ads feature male bantering

Men  bond by bantering, teasing and using derogatory nicknames. Last year my husband ,Phil and I invited a few friends over to watch the Fiesta Bowl.  As Claude came in the door, he gave a friendly punch to Phil’s gut and said, “Hey, looks like you have been enjoying those Heinekens over the holidays.”

“Yea, old man, let’s go out and shoot some hoops,” Phil replied. “I still can outplay you.”

Men love a good fast game.  While basketball, racquetball and soccer can provide an intense physical workout, bantering provides great mind exercise.

Ads that show men one-upping each other sell beer, deodorant and shaving cream.  This seems to be the unwritten rule for Y: Men who know each other well and respect each other immensely, banter in order to bond. I know two very successful CEOs who refer to each other as Lugnut and Chiselchest.


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