Women hate put downs…instead pull everyone up

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The Dove Campaing for Real Beauty

The Dove Campaing for Real Beauty

Men bond by bantering, teasing and using derogatory nicknames. Women don’t and never will.

While a man will joke with his male friend about the tire that has appeared around his friend’s waist, can you imagine a woman greeting a girlfriend with, “Wow, you’ve really been enjoying those cookouts this summer?”

A woman’s life is much easier when there are no scraped elbows orbruised egos. We want everybody to feel good about themselves.  The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty is an excellent example of advertising that works with women.

This seems to be the unwritten rule for Y: Men who know each other well and respect each other immensely, banter in order to bond.

But no matter how well a salesman knows and respects a female client or prospect, calling her a cutesy name (e.g., “Blondie”) will usually backfire. Similarly, this is part of the guy’s club that the gals should not try to join. A woman that attempts to bond by one-upping a man or giving him an endearing-derogatory name will break unspoken rules and lose his respect instead of gaining trust.


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