X & Y of Buy

Men and women are different. The plumbing is different; the wiring is different. Not better or worse, just different. To say this in the post-feminist corporate arena has been political suicide. But science has confirmed that men and women use different parts of their brains and thus behave differently in a host of situations, including the way we shop, buy and consume products and services.

As a sales, advertising or marketing professional understanding these differences is the key to your success. As a child, you were taught The Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated. But as you grew up, it became evident (often on the school playground) that half of the others-those of the opposite sex-don’t respond well to being treated the way that you want to be treated. If you still are treating the other half of your customers the way you want to be treated you are likely missing half (or more) of your market and leaving half (or more) of your sales on the table.

To increase sales you must understand what uniquely drives your customers, male and female, and maximize your options for communicating with them. Whether you sell tangible products like cars and homes or intangible services like financial planning or business solutions, understanding the inherent perceptions, motivations and emotions specific to the X and the Y chromosomes is the most powerful way to increase revenue.

Looking for the ultimate competitive advantage to boost your company’s sales? Elizabeth and publisher, Thomas Nelson will customize The X and Y of Buy to your company’s unique products and services. Elizabeth will work with your sales and marketing team to develop specific examples and proven strategies to sell more to your male and female prospects. Then The X and Y of Buy will be custom printed for your company.

To find out more, send Elizabeth an email.

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