Business builders, marketing executives and sales people need more than skills and information. They need a peek inside consumers’ heads to understand why they buy.

Drawing on breakthrough scientific research from the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and anthropology, Elizabeth Pace shows how to capture consumer attention, ignite emotion and win customer devotion.

Engaging and entertaining, Elizabeth’s high content programs are for innovators and business builders who are passionate about work and want to do it better.

Looking for the ultimate competitive advantage to boost your company’s sales? While all of her presentations are customized to your audience, Elizabeth and publisher, Thomas Nelson will go one step further. They will publish custom copies of The X and Y of Buy for your company. Elizabeth will work with your sales and marketing team to develop specific examples and proven strategies to sell more to your male and female prospects. She will deliver these customized strategies on the platform and through regularly scheduled webinars with your team.

Keynotes and Sales Training:

The X & Y of Buy: Sell More and Market Better by Knowing How the Sexes Shop
Marketers have zeroed in on Gen X and Y. But the real power of X and Y target marketing lies in understanding the differences of perception, motivation and emotions attached to the X and Y chromosome.

Packed with original ideas, your audience will learn how to sell more products and services by:

  • Understanding gender motivations
  • Creating gender specific messages
  • Shortening the buying cycle for men and women
  • Couple selling—making them both love you
  • Mastering GenderCycle™ Selling

Audience: Marketing, Advertising and Sales

The X & Y of Care: Maximize Physician and Patient Alignment with Gender Specific Communication
Drawing on her 25 years as an executive in the healthcare industry, Elizabeth tailors her X and Y of Buy knowledge to healthcare providers. This lively and interactive session will reveal:

  • Proven advertising strategies to connect to consumers and patients
  • Messages that connect to women, who make 82% of your buying decisions
  • Gender specific communication tactics that will enhance patient outcomes
  • Tactics for crucial conversations with male and female physicians

Audience: Marketing, Nursing, Pharmaceutical, Physicians, Dentists,

Buyoscience™- In Search of the Buy Button
Q: How can you make your brand irresistible?
A: Capture consumer attention, ignite their emotions and win their undying devotion.

Drawing on emerging neuroscience, Elizabeth shows you how in this dynamic session. By using real life examples you’ll peak inside your customers’ brains to understand how you can connect through music, humor, surprise, and human touch to connect customers to your brand.

Audience: Executives and Management

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